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We simply are a team of artists willing to help other artists!
Do not think of Peddle Art as what it is but more why it is made?
Selling or even buying art becomes more and more complicated every year!
And at Peddle Art we think this is unfair! What is the next generation of artists going to do?
Well, they now have us! We target potential buyers to visit the website and all you need to do is make Art!
Our vision is to create a world where artists won’t worry about finances anymore!
With a +1 million network on social medias we also help artists to get a name out there!
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Peddle Art Team

Rachel Sanitez

marketing Director

“It is not only about understanding the market, art is emotional and at peddle art we do our best to understand artists and art lovers”

Silvia Rosaniti


“What I like about working at peddle art is that we are artists willing to help other artists! It’s a big advantage!”

Stella Donvay


“For me, blogging at Peddle Art is more like a hobby! I have enjoyed every single step of it so far!”

Max Gornatel

Customer Service Manager

“Improvement and simplicity is what we are seeking for, by listening to every complaints and questions we adapt our website to your requirements!”

About Peddle

Peddle Art is an Art MarketPlace specifically made for art lovers and artist! Find what you are looking for in a social way! We know how complex the Art Market is nowadays. We are only here to help you and make it easier! A small commission fee might be taken when you sell on the website. For more information please read our terms & conditions

Why did we do Peddle – Art

As artists ourselves we understand the struggle artists can face financially. Selling art is getting harder every year, where can you find art buyers? Here comes Peddle Art. You list your art, we take care of the rest by getting potential art collectors to the website! No more struggle, you can focus on your art!

Why Peddle ?

In a society where people love simple things, Peddle is what you need! It takes a few minutes only to make an account and list an item! But that’s not it! We only charge a 15% commission on sales!







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